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The pandemic illuminates why it is so essential to be connected to the Internet for education, healthcare, work, and even public safety.  You can help shape solutions by adding your name and, if appropriate, your organization’s name in support of the Digital Equity Bill of Rights, 10 foundational principles to guide policymakers, corporations, foundations and academics during this extremely critical year to build a post-pandemic America with the promise of Internet for All Now. 

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Digital Equity Bill of Rights


To insure Digital Equity for all, residents have the right to:

  1. Broadband that is Sufficient and Reliable.
  3. Broadband that is Ubiquitous.
  5. Broadband that is Affordable.
  7. Broadband that Provides Educational Opportunities and Supports Digital Skills Proficiency.
  9. Broadband that Ensures Public Safety and Maintains Peace of Mind.
  11. Broadband that Improves Quality of Life.
  13. Broadband that Supports Economic Prosperity.
  15. Broadband that Attracts Capital Investment.
  17.  Broadband that Supports Innovation and Research.
  19. Broadband that Empowers and Enables Participation in the Democracy.


Learn more about the 10 principles of the Digital Equity Bill of Rights.




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