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We know you are keenly aware of the Homework Gap and the Opportunity Gap; cruel results of the Digital Divide between students who have Home Internet access and those who do not. These gaps impact low-income and rural area students, making it difficult to complete homework assignments and take advantage of other online opportunities.

As educators you have the ability to provide information that is reliable, vendor neutral and useful to your students and their families.

Here’s How:


Open the Educators' Toolkit. It includes graphics and informational flyers to inform parents of reduced-cost Internet offers.  Below is an explanation of everything in the Educators' Toolkit:

The Comparison Flyer provides in-depth details for staff on each of the reduced-cost Internet offers including the price, necessary qualifications, the data cap, etc. Click to download flyer  The Benefits Informant provides information on the available reduced-cost Internet benefits, pricing, and a toll-free number for parents to call to learn the in-depth details from a trusted source. Download Flyer with Internet carrier Info. Download Flyer without Internet carrier Info.
The Buyer’s Guide has complete listings of free or low-cost computers that are available through the program. Click to download flyer. The Graphics Package inside the toolkit has downloadable graphic elements for newsletters, school social media accounts, website posting and banners. Download Toolkit.


Connect! Determine the best way to communicate with students and families in low-income communities.  Families may qualify if their child is enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch program, if the parent is a beneficiary of SSI, Cal Fresh (food stamps), or has a household income under $40,000. 

Connect with administrators in Adult Education, Parent and Community Relations, Instructional Technology, Information Technology, Nutritional Services etc. who will join your team to help inform families.


Decide! Determine all the electronic and print-oriented ways to share this information with eligible families. Consider email, texts, or posting info on your website. Also look into printing flyers to hand out at Back-to-School Nights or any event where parents and students are present to receive information!


Change! Helping students and their families gain Internet connectivity is a game-changer, and we are here to help you get your students and their families online. Consider setting up a workshop, engaging with one of our trusted community organizations in your area, and ordering 6 x 3 school banners (examples below).     

The California Emerging Technology Fund will sponsor the first 400 banners ordered!  

  • – Each school can order up to 4 banners, in English or Spanish or both
  • – Each district is limited to 20 banners
  • – After your school or district has reached the maximum number of banners, a set of
  •    two (2) K-12 banners will cost $54.00, and a set of two (2) College banners will
  •    cost $60.00

Please click here for more information and to submit your order.  

If you’re interested in learning more about any of the topics listed above or additional help that CETF can provide at no cost, email us at: [email protected]


                           K-12 Banner                            Community College Banner                        

We hope you’ll join us in closing the Digital Divide in California and empowering communities with Digital Equity!



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