Communications Toolkit For Educators

Welcome Educators

Please find below a communications toolkit for district staff, school staff and parents.  In this toolkit, you will find sample messages, downloadable fliers, and a social media post with graphics.  You are welcome to copy-and-paste the messages and download the fliers or graphics.  If you would like customized information on the affordable Internet flier for your district please contact [email protected].  


Purpose:  Send to school district officials. 

Dear School District Staff:

Never has it been more critical for your students to have a reliable Internet connection at home so they may continue their studies and their parents can stay in touch with the school during this health emergency.

We want to encourage you to share important information that may be useful for parents in this challenging time. Major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are announcing discounted and free high-speed Internet offers to help school communities stay connected.  

To find offers, type your zip code into is a non-profit that operates independently of ISPs and has reviewed the offers.  The website has information about how to obtain low-cost computing devices and get computer skills training for everyone in the household.

District and School staffs can get more information in this Educators’ Toolkit that includes downloadable fliers in English and Spanish to attach to a sample email that you can send directly to parents. It also includes social media posts to post on District and school websites and social media channels.

If you have any questions for the district, please contact  [insert contact email].  We are here to help the school community stay connected during this health emergency.


Purpose:  Send to parents and school community.

Dear Parent:

We know this is a challenging time as you try to keep your children on their educational path while at home.  It's important to have affordable, reliable and safe Internet service at home (beyond the cellphone) so you and your children can stay in touch with us. 

We want to share some important information that may be useful to you. Major Internet Service Providers are announcing low-cost and 2-months of free Home Internet for new subscribers to help school communities stay connected.

Find out which Home Internet Offer may be available to your family during the health emergency.  Go to, a non-profit that is not connected to any Internet Service Provider and has reviewed the offers. Type in your zip code to see what you may be eligible for.


  • For a limited time, AT&T, Charter/Spectrum and Comcast are offering 2-months free Home Internet for new subscribers and offers carry conditions. (Households signing up with Spectrum must tell the representative on the initial call that they want the free 60-day offer applied to Spectrum Internet Assist if they want to continue with the affordable $23 monthly rate after the free period. Failing to do so means they will pay the full rate of $55 a month.)  Neither Spectrum (which is not requiring a National School Lunch Program letter for a limited time only) or Comcast allows existing customers to downgrade their services.
  • Several companies, including AT&T, Charter/Spectrum, Comcast, Cox, Frontier, T-Mobile, and other ISPs pledge for the next 60 days to not terminate service and they will waive late fees for any residential or small business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to the coronavirus pandemic. also has information about how to obtain low-cost computing devices and get computer skills training for everyone in the household.


[School, Signature]


Suggested social media posting for Twitter or Facebook:

It's more important than ever to make sure your family has reliable low-cost Home Internet to stay in touch with family, friends, healthcare providers and school. Learn about Home Internet for $10-$23 at 

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