The Homework Gap is REAL

The Homework Gap is REAL


Internet access is something we often take for granted, but for many American families, it’s a significant financial burden. 

Leticia is a hard working-woman who runs a small business from her home. She lives with her husband and daughter, who is in high school. When her husband lost his job, Leticia’s family had to make tough budget decisions and could no longer afford internet. 

While it was a family sacrifice, it mostly impacted her daughter’s ability to do school work. However, this did not stop her daughter who would go the extra mile by staying after school to use the computer lab and her local library. Yet, despite her best efforts, there were times when she could not complete all her homework. Letitia watched her daughter’s grades suffer and was determined to get Internet again.

Through a local organization, Leticia eventually secured Internet at home for $10 a month. Now her daughter is able to complete her school work and her academic performance has improved tremendously. Leticia also uses the Internet now to promote her business online and provide for her family. 

Leticia and her family were fortunate to live in a service area where the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires a company to offer affordable Internet but not everyone is so lucky. This fall, the FCC will be considering expanding pivotal programming for affordable internet access for America’s families.

Families should not have to choose between food and medicine or the Internet. Sign on now to leave the FCC a public comment that asks them to provide affordable internet access to low-income families.

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