Summary of the CETF/Field Research Poll About the Digital Divide, June 2015

Summary of the CETF/Field Research Poll About the Digital Divide, June 2015


The latest polls conducted by the Field Research Corporation on behalf of California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) on the Digital Divide have revealed that 79% of California households have a broadband connection at home while the other 21% doesn’t have any connection to broadband. 



The majority of the 21% don’t have the broadband connection at home due to the following reasons:


  • Cost of the Internet
  • Their lack of technology
  • Having concerns over their privacy or viruses
  • The difficulty of setting it up and learning how to use it


Out of those 21% without broadband, people living in low income and those who are disabled including the elderly are the majority. In the charts showing the connection between income and whether they use a computer or smart phone only demonstrates how the low income have a higher rate of people with only smart phones. It is less effective to only have a smartphone because those people are less likely to engage in things like the government or community websites, get health information or get in contact with their doctor or take classes online. The survey also reveals data between those who have access in the home, and those who do not.  Those who have broadband at home also have access outside of the home. While those without broadband at home, don’t have broadband outside either. These individuals or families are the most challenged with getting any access to broadband.  In order to reach  80%  home adoption by 2017, the cost of broadband has to be reasonable and good quality for the low income, disabled, and elderly to use.

Personal Statement: My name is Frida Resendiz and I am a Junior at KIPP San Francisco College Prep. I am interning at California Emerging Technology Fund for 5 weeks and helping with the #Internet4All campaign. I am also a youth fellow at CORO a 8-week leadership enhancing program. In CORO we learn how to be effective leaders in our communities so that we make a positive impact in our locality.

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