Rebooting Lifeline for the Internet Age

Rebooting Lifeline for the Internet Age


That’s what this LA Times article describes as the goal of FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler’s move to update Lifeline now. Chairman Wheeler is focused on developing meaningful Lifeline discounts for today’s communications, the Internet and phone service. The Washington Post states that this is the first time a proposal of this type has been approached in the 30 year history of the program!

CETF supports adding an Internet Lifeline Inclusion Program that addresses the 3 primary barriers to broadband adoption:  (1) Cost; (2) Relevance; and (3) Digital Literacy.  This includes the:

  • Establishment of an affordable high-speed Internet service plan for all low-income households offered by and through all broadband providers in the $10/month range in addition to an affordable telephone service (wireline or wireless).
  • Capitalization of an independent fund to support community-based organizations (CBOs), schools and libraries (as “trusted messengers”) to assist in enrolling eligible low-income households and participate in true public-private partnerships.
  • Establishment of an oversight advisory body to ensure transparency and accountability with a broad base of stakeholders and community leaders knowledgeable about broadband adoption.

If you support Lifeline for the 21st Century join our efforts! Be one of over 100 partners to endorse our 3 recommendations. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date on articles, announcements and events around this initiative.


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